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What is an Executive Coach

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Bruce Dorey
What is an Executive Coach

The Craft of Coaching.

The Executive Coach is an individual with years of experience in a specific industry.

Executive coaches use their expertise to mange and transfer their knowledge to the next generation of leaders, either internally in their own companies or as an outside resource brought in to consult and coach teams to the next level.

The executive coach designs and establishes programs to ensure that critical company knowledge is transferred effectively and efficiently. An artistic blend of practical knowledge, experience and evidence-based psychological methods are used to train experienced executives to be the most effective coaches for the next generation of leaders. To rapidly bring them up to speed and perform at the highest levels in their industry or business.

We know, and research proves, that expertise and experience are essential for truly impactful coaching and objective improvement.  Your experience has great value to the next generation - and it is captured and leveraged in our program, allowing a far more empathetic, rapid and potent coaching experience for the client.

The tradition of the master craftsman has guided the design of our coaching and coach training program.  

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