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Why Becoming a Coach Can Transform Your Life

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Bruce Dorey
Why Becoming a Coach Can Transform Your Life

There are a number direct and indirect benefits.  The direct benefits are that you improve what you are doing everyday by role modeling someone who has done it, and by getting expert feedback and training.  Research clearly demonstrates that we learn most effectively when we learn from a role model.  The indirect benefit is that you have someone to talk to who has actually been there, has the experience, and has authentic empathy.    


Transfer your expert experience into coaching. 

One of the true advantages you have as a seasoned manager or leader is the experience and knowledge to quickly understand business issues and offer viable solutions.  The real benefit of the consulting coach is the ability to actually coach a team to execute the proposed solution.  Many consulting firms offer creative solutions but do not provide execution services.  There are straight forward proven methods (which we provide), to help you assess the issue, gather the data and provide actionable analysis.  These methods are well documented and easily learned by experienced executives. By assisting in the transformation in their lives, you too will be transformed by coaching. 


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