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Business Breakfast Podcast

Checklist: 5 Questions to Consider During Your First Coaching Session

Bruce Dorey offers up his top five questions to ask yourself during your first session.

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Business Breakfast Podcast

Business Breakfast Podcast: Leadership & Motivation

Bruce Dorey, author, joins us to talk about his ideas on motivation and leadership.

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Business Coaching

Forbes: Why We Need An Additional Approach for Business Coaching

As a senior executive in a Fortune 100 company, an entrepreneur, a C-level consultant and a coach, I’ve seen this type of knowledge — this metis — with executives in many industries, and often it separates the greats from the merely good enough. I have not, however, seen a consistent method for developing metis in the executives of the next generation or the transfer of metis to them from senior management.

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Intro to LIFT

Download the Intro to LIFT | The Nature & Craft of Expert Coaching

Technology is displacing a growing number of higher skilled workers, while at the same time we in the industrial / information nations are creating more powerful, complex, smart technology and systems capable of putting more humans in potentially disastrous situations.
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Swiss Leadership Akademie

Download Swiss Leadership Akademie

With this newsletter, we start the first interview with the author of the book published in September 2018: Bruce Robert Dorey wrote the book LIFT that has already generated live interest from his friends, colleagues, and clients.

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Download Whitepaper - Coaching with OKRs

This whitepaper is targeted at professionals, managers, and coaches with some basic knowledge of the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) methodology who seek a deeper understanding of how and why it works - and how to make it work in their organization.

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Download White Paper - 4 Minute Mile: The Myth

To demonstrate the traps of a good story and the pervasive influence of our cognitive machinery, we’ll review one of coaching’s most-recited stories: Roger Bannister and the four-minute mile. 

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Download White Paper - Become an Expert Coach

This whitepaper is targeted at professionals and executives interested in learning how to become an expert coach -- utilizing their industry and professional knowledge and experience.

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