Saudi Arabia Services

Domestic and International Executive Coaching

Breaking into the global market and conducting business in international countries is a significant and invaluable step for any company. Expanding a company internationally brings new business opportunities and helps them stand out from the competition. Companies looking into international expansion often pick skilled executives to spearhead operations in the international country of choice. Picking up and moving to a new country for work is a huge change that executives should not take lightly. The expatriation process requires a lot of planning. Not only does an executive have to coordinate travel and living arrangements but must also be sure they understand the current global climate, the differences in culture, and how to succeed in the new role so they can return home successful. Many executives turn to expat coaching. Learn more about domestic and international coaching in Saudi Arabia.

Expert Coach Development

Most successful businesses experience a very similar employee life cycle: new employees come in, undergo company training, gain hands-on experience, and soon grow into skilled and valuable members of the company. The senior executive members who provide new employees with training are tasked with giving them the resources they need to succeed and reach new heights within the company. Sure enough, with the right training, many of these new employees grow to fill these senior executive roles as others leave or the company expands, and then train the newest set of employees. Learn more about expert coach development in Saudi Arabia.

Transition Coaching

It’s crucial to have the necessary resources to navigate this tumultuous period in the company’s life cycle to prevent errors or interruptions of business. Bruce R. Dorey Consulting provides all-inclusive organizational transition coaching services. Bruce Robert Dorey believes the key to success is to create connections and strengthen relationships within new executive and employee teams. He works closely with executives and leaders to create a strategy for ensuring the success of individuals, teams, and the company overall. Learn more about transition coaching in Saudi Arabia.