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Executive Coaching in Saudi Arabia

Most successful businesses experience a very similar employee life cycle: new employees come in, undergo company training, gain hands-on experience, and soon grow into skilled and valuable members of the company. The senior executive members who provide new employees with training are tasked with giving them the resources they need to succeed and reach new heights within the company. Sure enough, with the right training, many of these new employees grow to fill these senior executive roles as others leave or the company expands, and then train the newest set of employees.

The success of the entire company relies heavily on this cycle of hiring, training, and leading others, and the company’s top management will look for only the best employees to become senior executives and leaders. It’s crucial to prepare senior executives for leadership roles when it comes time to train the newest generation of employees.

Bruce R. Dorey Consulting provides all-inclusive expert coach development services. Bruce Robert Dorey works with current and future senior executives to help prepare them for every aspect of their new leadership role, ensuring the success of both the executive and the trained employees.

Coaching Existing Executives

Many senior executives welcome the challenge of leading the newest generation of employees but may feel overwhelmed by the task. Becoming a company leader is a big step, both for an executive’s personal skillset and the future success of the company. A senior executive must be well-prepared for the task of training others to encourage a smooth transition of knowledge. Bruce Dorey understands the ins and outs of executive leadership, and can prepare senior executives for their new leadership role. Bruce Dorey will work closely with the executive to assess how to best use their leadership strengths while challenging them to overcome their weaknesses to create an expert training experience for new employees.

Design Coaching Programs

Each individual company will have its own unique information and practices that must be passed onto the next generation of employees. Senior executives, of course, are the employees who create a plan to make sure this transition occurs. Bruce Dorey will gain a key understanding of the company’s mission, best practices, and goals to establish and design coaching programs that will ensure the successful transfer of company knowledge to new employees. This detailed plan will marry the executive’s personal leadership style and the company’s training initiatives and will serve as a guide for the entire training process.

Coaching New Executives in Saudi Arabia

Every so often, the current pool of senior executives may leave the company or move onto even higher roles, making it necessary to replace them with a new set of leaders. Often, the current senior executives and top management identify high-potential team players within lower staff that they want to see rise in the ranks and train others. Bruce R. Dorey can create effective succession planning by coaching these stand-out employees and preparing them for senior executive roles. This keeps the cycle of hiring and training running smoothly, which is crucial for the company’s continued success.

Why Bruce Dorey? Because Experience Matters.

Bruce Robert Dorey has over thirty years of executive consulting and coaching. He uses this vast experience to provide expert coach development services to executives all over the world. Bruce has a love for helping others succeed, and works closely with individuals and organizations alike to structure coaching programs that promote the transition of essential knowledge and the success of both the individual and the organization.

Whether you’re a current senior executive needing leadership assistance and guidance or a top management member looking to groom your employees into future leaders, contact Bruce R. Dorey Consulting today at (434) 529-8891 to get started!