Organizational Transition Coaching

It’s common for businesses to experience an overhaul of their organizational procedures and practices. This often occurs as a result of a rollup acquisition or integration, when smaller companies are acquired and merged by an investor or larger company. Rollup acquisition can lead to significant changes in personnel, leadership, and procedures, and can also present a multitude of execution challenges. It’s crucial to have the necessary resources to navigate this tumultuous period in the company’s life cycle to prevent errors or interruptions of business.

Bruce R. Dorey Consulting provides all-inclusive organizational transition coaching services. Bruce Robert Dorey believes the key to success is to create connections and strengthen relationships within new executive and employee teams. He works closely with executives and leaders to create a strategy for ensuring the success of individuals, teams, and the company overall.

Employee Retention Coaching

Employees may feel thrown for a loop as their positions change and evolve during a big organizational shift like a rollup acquisition. If they’re not pleased with how things have changed, they may feel uncertain with how to proceed in the new environment and may even consider leaving the company altogether. Businesses can suffer if they have a low employee retention rate, but the right coaching can help employees navigate the rollup acquisition period. Bruce Dorey provides targeted one-on-one coaching and attention for employees to ensure their success in the new company environment. He works with the employee to understand their needs, ambitions, and goals, and provides them with strategies to make them thrive in the new organizational environment.

Strategy Execution and Integration Coaching

The rollup acquisition or integration process can be an uncertain and challenging period for any company, and new executives might struggle to create a straightforward strategy that incorporates new policy changes and company practices. These executives may even try implementing a strategy that isn’t earning the results it should, and will need to make an adjustment. Bruce Dorey can provide individualized, one-on-one coaching for executives to create a new management strategy that matches any new policies or practices implemented during the organizational shift. Bruce is experienced in creating unique solutions to obstacles and is dedicated to giving each executive the resources they need for success in their new roles.

Collaborative Team Coaching

A company is nothing without teamwork, and new teams are often formed during large organizational transitions to handle certain responsibilities or projects. Being on a team for the first time or suddenly being placed on a different team is an adjustment for any employee. When teams struggle to work together and accomplish tasks, it hurts the company. Bruce Robert Dorey offers collaborative team coaching for executives and employees. He can help design and deliver a coaching plan for team members that will increase team camaraderie and collaboration, which will in turn increase their productivity and success in the new organizational structure. He can assess team members’ strengths and weaknesses and craft a coaching plan that will truly complement the team he’s working with.

Why Bruce Dorey? Because Experience Matters.

Bruce Robert Dorey has over thirty years of organizational transition consulting and coaching. He uses this vast experience to provide expert coach development services to executives all over the world. Bruce has a love for helping others succeed, and works closely with individuals and organizations alike to structure coaching programs that promote the transition of essential knowledge and the success of both the individual and the organization.

If your company is undergoing a rollup acquisition or other organizational shift, make sure you’re prepared with expert, individualized organizational transition coaching. Contact Bruce R. Dorey Consulting today at (434) 529-8891 to get started!