Consulting and Coaching

Executive Coaching | Domestic & International

Coach executives through the entire expatriation cycle to:

  • Effectively transition from their current role and integrate into the new country and environment
  • Efficiently enable reintegration back to the home country and company
  • Increase the executive’s performance and satisfaction during their international assignment
Expert-Coach Development

Manage and transfer the knowledge to the next generation of leaders by:

  • Coach and train the existing senior executives to become effective coaches for the next generation
  • Establish and design coaching programs to ensure critical company knowledge gets transferred
  • Build effective succession planning by coaching the high potential team players into leadership roles
Organizational Transition Coaching

Rollup acquisitions and integrations create implementation challenges. We create connections and strengthen relationships within the new team.

  • Increase the retention of key new team members through targeted one-on-one coaching and attention
  • Invest in the executives one on one to focus in on strategy execution and integration
  • Design and deliver coaching to the team, and increase collaboration within the new organization