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Get in the Game. Become a Coach. 

Become a coach and put your years of experience and expertise to good use.

The Become a Coach program is the foundational course designed to take advantage of your unique experience and skill set, while using real, evidence-based tools and practices. We then help you market to companies and industry groups, which are a fit for your expertise. 

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become a coach

Become an Expert Executive Coach

The Craft of Coaching

The tradition of the master craftsman has guided the design of our coaching and coach training.

An artistic blend of practical knowledge, experience, and evidence-based psychological methods are used to train experienced executives. This training will make them the most effective coaches for the next generation of leaders, and will rapidly bring them up to speed and perform at the highest levels in their industry or business.

We know, and research proves, that expertise and experience are essential for truly impactful coaching and objective improvement. Your experience has great value to the next generation - and it is captured and leveraged in our program, allowing far more empathetic, rapid, and potent coaching to the client.

Because effective and authentic coaching happens only when there is something at stake, a requisite of the program is that you take on an important personal development goal. By doing so, you will be using “in the game” thinking and developing in an intentional way. This level of personal accountability will help you grow and understand what it takes to produce extraordinary results.

Being a part of this program puts you in a high-performance, supportive environment of like-minded executives, who are also driven to move to the next level at any age.

This program is not about secret sauce and magical, transformational short-cuts, but the training and practice needed to deliver the kind of coaching you and your clients deserve, and is required to make objective progress.

We reach out and partner with companies of all sizes to help them identify and train their high-potential executives.

Session 1

In this session, you will discover your true strengths, challenges, and expertise. From here you will begin to understand the key processes and mechanisms of becoming an effective coach and consultant. We start from where you are, so you need to “know thy self” first before you take on clients.
  • What the hell is water?
  • The 2D to 3D model of personality psychology and performance
  • Why context is everything
  • The being and doing of coaching
  • Fundamental theories for effective coaching and consulting
  • Adult development theory and coaching
    • Positive Psychology and Positive Intelligence
    • Emotional Intelligence in coaching

Session 2 – Passion

The ultimate integrity is following your passion.
In this session, you will address this issue in a very practical way with others – and discover what it is you really want to DO?
Whom could you become as a result of doing that with passion?
  • Getting clarity - then getting resolved and standing for yourself
    • Why are you the right person?
    • Who are you convincing?
  • Introduction to using Whoop
  • Energy, Exercise, and Nutrition
  • The Law of Conservation of Energy

Session 3 – The Plan

In this session, the rubber meets the road as we start using Whoop data and proven methods (OKR’s) for achieving your goals.
As you learn how to achieve your goals, you will learn how to coach others achieve theirs.
  • Plan - moving from concept to action with no doubts.
  • Introduction to the Objectives and Key Results OKR
  • The idea of "skin-in-the-game"
    • What is it I will put on the line?
    • What will I commit to for this program?
  • Results OKR process
  • Learn the software and start to track personal data

Session 4 – Clarity

In this session, you will see first-hand how good research and theory helps you gain clarity and move forward.
Next, we explore how to coach others to do the same.
  • Learn how to know where you're going using the maps of business and industry
  • Who is the ideal customer?
  • What do they want?
  • What do you need to do well?
  • Questions to help the client understand the problem

Session 5 – Confidence

As an experienced executive, you have much of what is needed to be a great coach.
In this session, you will learn about Organizational Health and how it provides the ultimate map and compass.
You will also learn how to address difficult situations and practice this in real-time.
  • Learn the importance of Organizational Health and how to structure your coaching
  • Learn the key aspects of mastering "Difficult Conversations and Crucial Conversations"
  • Develop confidence in what to do and say in difficult situations
    • Keys to using the OKR in the first quarter

Session 6 – Art

The art of coaching conversations is not as difficult as you think.
In this session, you will learn to rely on your experience. You will also learn to trust in the amazing capability of all humans to perceive how they are doing. Are they enthusiastic and energized? Are they going through the motions, or worse, resigned?
THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE – Progress starts with the truth and in this program, you will learn to open up about what stops you.
  • The Opening - practice and demonstrations
  • Understanding the agreement or contract and the deliverables
  • Setting up the OKR's and tracking
  • Always go back to "What the hell is water?"
    • What is stopping them?


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