With his interactive sessions, Bruce delivers thoughtfulness and actionable insights in his high impact talks and workshops. Bruce weaves humor into each event. Whether the audience is seven people or seven thousand people, he is able to deliver interesting, insightful, and inspirational content. Bruce has experience globally and brings his understanding of culture and what it takes to succeed as an executive to share with audiences of executives, managers, and beyond.

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Metis: Where craftsmanship meets technology

Dr. Dorey addresses the increasing gap in our ability as leaders to transfer the knowledge of our senior team members. This type of knowledge, Metis, is critical to retain institutional knowledge and rapidly bring new team members up-to-speed.

  • With over four generations in the workforce, it is critical to maximize the ability to retain talent and invest in high potential employees.
  • Mentoring has a bad name, because often times the mentoring program is not supported correctly and It fails.
  • Launch the right kind of coaching program for your executives to train them to be effective internal coaches.


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